National Office Staff

The Alpine Club of Canada is staffed by a dedicated team who are happy to assist you with your inquiries.

Main Office:

The Alpine Club of Canada
PO Box 8040
Canmore, Alberta T1W 2T8

Phone: 403 678 3200
Fax: 403 678 3224
Email: General Inquiries

Organizational Chart

Lawrence White
Executive Director

Executive Director:

Kish Stephenson
Finance Director

Finance Director:

Jefferey Lockyer
IT Director

IT Director:

Chelsea Lindsay
Services Director

Services Director

Rick Gardiner
Facilities Director

Facilities Director:

Christopher Petrauskas
Programs Director

Programs Director

Rob Shears
Facilities Admin Manager

Facilities Admin Manager:

Keith Haberl
Marketing Manager

Marketing & Communications Manager:

Bill Cardinal
Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager:

Zac Bolan
Publications Manager

Publications Manager:

Jolene Livingston
Director of Development

Director of Development:

Micki Chong
Office Manager

Office Manager:

Sarah Sasges
Adventures Coordinator

Mountain Adventure Coordinator Manager:

Kristy Davison
Marketing Associate

Communications Specialist: